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Veterinary Wellness Exams & Vaccinations in Montclair

Happy, Healthy Pets Require Ongoing Wellness Care

Regular wellness exams from Montclair Animal Hospital will help keep your pet healthy and by your side for many years. We prioritize your pet’s individual needs to help enhance their quality of life and longevity. When you ensure your pet receives regular care, it allows our Montclair veterinarians to get to know their normal health and behavior so that we’re more easily able to identify changes if or when your pet falls ill. Happy, healthy pets start with regular wellness care.

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Vaccinate Your Pet to Protect Their Health

According to the ASPCA, vaccinations are one of the most important tools in protecting your pet’s health and prevent spreading dangerous diseases. Keeping up with your pet’s vaccinations will help them live happier, healthier lives. When you bring your pet to Montclair Animal Hospital for a regular wellness exam, our veterinary team will recommend a vaccination schedule to benefit your pet’s health.

There are several core vaccinations that are considered universally necessary for all pets, regardless of their risk factors.

Canine core vaccinations include:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Hepatitis
  • Distemper

Feline core vaccinations include:

  • Rabies
  • Calicivirus
  • Herpes virus type I
  • Panleukopenia

In addition to the core pet vaccinations listed above, our Montclair veterinarians may recommend other vaccinations that would benefit their health, depending on specific health needs and risk factors. We take pride in tailoring your pet’s vaccination program to his or her unique needs, just like every other aspect of our wellness care services.

Preventative Care

Montclair Animal Hospital does everything we can to prevent disease before it happens. We strongly recommend that you bring your pets in to see our Montclair veterinarians every six months – though we will recommend a schedule that’s right for both you and your pet. Our comprehensive wellness exams include a full physical exam and laboratory testing to get a clear picture of your pet’s current health so we know what to keep an eye on moving forward. We’ll also use this information to customize a preventative care plan so you can enjoy many happy, healthy years together.

Factors that can influence our recommendations for preventative care:

  • Their level of daily activity
  • Their age and breed
  • Their normal behavior, as well as any deviations from the norm
  • Their diet and lifestyle
  • Their weight
  • Any preexisting conditions

We take your pet’s specific characteristics into consideration before we make any preventative care recommendations. We take a nose to tail look at their medical history as well as any risk factors to determine what measures will best help enhance their health and longevity. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about your pet’s ongoing care – we want to empower you to be a leader in your pet’s good health!

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  • Her expertise and genuine personality is very welcoming

    “Our 3-year-old pup has been seeing Dr. Mitchell over the last year or so and she is awesome! We appreciate her patience, the treatment she proposes and our pup responds well. Her expertise and genuine personality is very welcoming! Thank you, to you and yo”

    - Shelle Lewis
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    “Wonderful staff! An asset to our community.”

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    “Everyone is friendly and professional. I’ve been bringing my Rottweiler, Maisy here since we moved to Dumfries, VA in May of 2016. They’ve earned my trust to take care of my best friend’s medical needs.”

    - Thomas Fellows
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    “Dr. Mitchell is the best. She really cares about the animals and the owners!”

    - Donald Majeske

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